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When:   April 15, 2006 10:30pm-11:30pm
Where:   Knitting Factory (Old Office)
74 Leonard St.
1 train to Franklin / A, C, E, N, R trains to Canal

The mighty Swell Mob returns to the Knitting Factory on Saturday April 15. The indiepoprock band consists of Seth Searls (MC 98), Keith Meatto (ES 97), Mike Espar (SM 98) and special guest Nathan You (SY 97). Those of you who did time in New Haven in the late 90s might recognize 2/3 of Blue Fountain Diner, a.k.a. BFD, mainstays at Toad's, Spring Flings and Naples (R.I.P.), among other Elm City venues. What to expect? Spastic stage antics and hilarious, quasi-intellectual lyrics abound when Swell Mob comes to town...yes, fellow music lovers, these lads are just splendid! When was the last time you heard a band use "rhombus" in a song AND get away with it? Or quote Othello in a paean to that long-misunderestimated but nonetheless noble vocation, that of Jeeves and Mr. Belvedere, indeed, that of the BUTLER? Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, Swell Mob does it with earth-shattering aplomb! And of course, no Swell Mob performance completes itself without heaping loads of audience participation - warm-up those vocal cords now!...It is an event too great to be missed, a legend before its own time...entertainment, thy name is Swell Mob.

Additional Info/Contact:
Listen to swell mob at: contact: This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript