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When:   May 14, 2007 5:30pm-7:30pm
Where:   Peabody Museum of Natural History
170 Whitney Avenue
Price:   $15.00 per person ($20 non- members)

The Yale Club of New Haven invites you to attend the New Haven Scholarship Presentation and Reception Please join us on the 3rd floor of the Peabody museum for the presentation and reception. Parking is available in the Yale parking lot.

Additional Info/Contact:
Please return the following information before: May 8, 2007 to: The Yale Club of New Haven P.O. Box 775 New Haven, CT 06503-0775 Please make_______ reservations at $15.00 per person ($20 non- members) for May 14th. Enclosed is my check to the Yale Club of New Haven for $________. Name____________________________________ Day Telephone Number __________ Address ________________________________________________________________ City/State/ Zip ___________________________________________________________ Visa/MC Card No._______________________________________________________ Expiration Date_____________________ Signature ____________________________