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When:   November 18, 2004 2:00pm
Where:   136 Ave. C (between 8th and 9th St.)
Price:   N/A

EMERGENCY SWEET THINGS VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR THE REST OF NOVEMBER! PROCEEDS HELP THE LOWER EAST SIDE GIRLS CLUB. We already have lots of Holiday Cookie orders, which means its time to get started in the kitchen. As always, we need lots of volunteers to help fulfill our holiday orders. We especially need volunteers over the next few weeks and Thanksgiving weekend, so if you are around and want to help out in the bakery, please let the Club know! We need volunteers for the following dates and times. Please look at the schedule below to see what days work best for you. VOLUNTEER BAKING SCHEDULE MONDAY 5pm-8PM 22-Nov 29-Nov TUESDAY 5pm-8PM 16-Nov 23-Nov 30-Nov WEDNESDAY 5pm-8pm 17-Nov 24-Nov THURSDAY 5pm-8pm 18-Nov 25-Nov FRIDAY 5-8pm 19-Nov 26-Nov SATURDAY 10am-2pm SATURDAY 2pm-6pm 20-Nov 27-Nov SUNDAY 10am-2pm SUNDAY 2pm-6pm 21-Nov 28-Nov

Additional Info/Contact:
Once you have decided please email the dates of when you want to volunteer and your phone number to This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript