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When:   June 14, 2007 4:00pm
Where:   Cassis, France, a town where artists and writers have found inspiration for centuries. A beautiful fishing villages, close to Marseilles (around 20 minutes by train). The conference will be held at the Camargo Foundation, with extensive gardens and rooms for our meetings. Everyone will be staying in several rented houses and apartments.
Price:   $2,000 - $2,250 range for different standards of shared rooms; or $2,750 - $3,000 for single rooms
Type:   Conference

The potential instructor attendee list so far: inventive and weird Aimee Bender; ten-time novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Olen Butler; Booker Prize judge Russell Celyn Jones; British/French novelist/poet, Michele Roberts; bestselling author of historical art-related themes Susan Vreeland; Hemingway-esque Paul Watkins; memoirist Alexandra Fuller; British author Margaret Drabble (sister of A.S. Byatt); short story master and author of acclaimed memoir “This Boy’s Life”, Tobias Wolff. And me! Two-time novelist with one more in the works, bar owner and writing teacher, Krista Madsen. I’m honored to have been asked to join this illustrious list. And would love for you to join me! Special 10% discount applies to people who sign up through me: $2,00 - $2,250 range for different standards of shared rooms; or $2,750 - $3,000 for single rooms. Includes 10 days of conference and a four-day retreat, dinner included. The rooms will be available on June 14, with dinner and lecture on the night of the 15th. Workshops will begin on the 16th and run for six days. This is less "class" and more workshopping of everyone's work, so attendees will be expected to submit in advance a good chunk of pages of a work in progress (story/stories or a portion of a novel), I believe about 30 pages, and have read the other attendees' stuff and be prepared to give/get feedback. Anyway, it will be fruitful I'm sure...even if you do secretly go for the networking!

Additional Info/Contact: If you decide to go, Nancy, our host will need to know I referred you.