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Why We Serve

Bradford Williams, Class of 2010 graduate, addresses Yale College classmates with his reflection on service at Yale and beyond. He shares his experiences, urging students to take advantage of their opportunities and work on behalf of others--to gain a sense of their obligation to the community outside of Yale. "Opportunity is no longer what we get, it is also what we give."

Spotlight On Honors Alumnus

Tim Tompkins, a 1986 Yale graduate who has championed the revitalization of Times Square and the New York City parks, will return to Dwight Hall on April 29 as Dwight Hall rolls out a new Spotlight On campaign. This is the inaugural celebration of a monthly series that Dwight Hall will continue through the '10-'11 academic year. The reception will take place Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 4 p.m. at Dwight Hall and will follow the format of a Master's Tea.

Take a Stand Under our Umbrella

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