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When:   December 5, 2007 4:00pm
Where:   Manchester Pub
920 2nd Avenue (b/t 48th and 49th)
Type:   Party

While this Saturday isn't technically a first Saturday, it marks the first of many D^3 Saturdays. Short for drink, dance, donate, this monthly gathering will feature plenty of opportunities for all three! DRINK: Having legendary status across the Atlantic, the Manchester Pub of NYC has the same warm feel here in Manhattan. Reviewed by citysearch users as having some of the best pub food (available before 10!), the pub brings a sense of home to everyone who passes through with its great drinks and staff. (DINING): Food is served if you're stone cold munchin' until 10PM. DANCE: As always, dj twist will be curating the party. With a history of cold rocking 1,500 Yalies at the Safety Dance to bringing the house down with hip hop and bhangra parties in NYC and CT, dj twist will bring it back to basics with surefire crowd pleasers. DONATE: Proceeds this month benefit the Sharon's World International Club at Explore Charter School. Created in 2006 and named after Sharon Houminer, a world traveler whose life work was focused on helping the less fortunate. In like mind, Sharon's World focuses on expanding learning opportunities for Explore students to the world beyond. The Club sent 14 Explorers on a two-week excursion to Costa Rica this past summer. Next year's trip depends partly on your support!

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To be considered for a monthly cause, email me at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript