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When:   March 26, 2008 8:00pm-9:30pm
Where:   Angel Orensanz Center
172 Norfolk Street
Price:   35/60/100/250/500
Type:   Arts

An exhilarating sonic and visual experience brought to you by Sympho, the creators of REWIND.


TRACES will explore the concept of musical inspiration, tracing a line from each piece of music to its source from spiritual ceremony to narrative tales, and from dance forms to folk music.  And Judd Greensteins newly-commissioned music will contain samples of the pre-existing pieces on the program, adding another layer of traces to the experience. 


TRACES spans five centuries of music, from commissioned and spontaneously-created acoustic and electronic pieces by Greenstein and live electronica artist Paul Fowler, to pieces by Gorecki, Pärt, Corelli, Copland, and others.  Internationally-renowned violinist Nurit Pacht joins forces with chamber orchestra SymphoNYC, conducted by artistic director Paul Haas, and French visual artist Romain Erkiletlian adds his vision to the mix.

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