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When:   April 14, 2008 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where:   Half King Restaurant and Bar 505 W. 23rd Street (at 10 Ave) 212.462.4300 (dutch dinner)
Type:   Conference


Invited: YAAMNY Arts and Entertainment Working Group
  1. Follow Up on existing business
    • Alberto to coordinate Hugo's reading
    • Doreen to report on Panel Ideas
    • Group follow up on Brainstorming ideas
      • Showcase of Alumi Talent / Yale Idol / Salon
        • alberto suggested a winter / holiday season time period
      • An Arts & entertainment Mixer
      • Master's Teas
      • Master Class Workshops
      • Host April 25 Band of Gypsies?
    • Unfinished business
      • Specific learning from Harvard Alumni organizational activities
      • Follow up with
        • Yale in Hollywood run by Kevin Winston
        • Yale Cabaret in New York
        • Yale Mafia run by Phil Isaacs
      • assign owner of collecting venues
      • Assign Chair of Committee
      • Develope a Statement of Purpose for this working group
        • Connect Existing groups and initiatives among alumni
        • Develop Panels, Information exchanges
        • Produce 3-4 events a year.
  2. Brainstorm YAAMNY Arts and Entertainment Programs
  3. Ongoing Initiatives / Programs
    • Set up weekly or bimonthly CYAN mailings with Tim Cooper
      • Set up subsite install?  time to manage this?
    • Open question: how to coordinate operational tasks in YAAMNY such as events, which run accross the programatic working groups such as arts, prfessional development and public service events
    • Assign owner of Venues collection and relationships -
    • Proposed venue for monthly meetings? assign reservations / booking

Action points



Map and Directions

The Half King (dutch dinner)


Additional Info/Contact: