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P73 invites you to a workshop production of: Monica! The Musical book and lyrics by Daniel J. Blau and Tracie Potochnik, music by Adam Blau directed by Casey Hushion, musical direction by Nadia DiGiallonardo Friday, May 20 - 8PM Saturday, May 21 - 7PM and 10:30PM Sunday, May 22 - 7PM Tuesday, May 24 - 8PM Wednesday, May 25 - 8PM Thursday. May 26 - 8PM Friday, May 27 - 8PM Tickets: $15 (tickets will be available for general sale May 1st) Theatre Three 311 West 43rd Street, 3rd Floor ("Monica! The Musical" is not a Mint Theater Company production.) for more information and industry reservations: 212-851-8997, This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript ----------------------------------------------------------- About the show: In the face of the national scandal that was the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, Monica! The Musical dares to answer the crucial questions: "Exactly how did something this ridiculous happen? To our president? And why did we care somuch?" And it dares to answer these questions in song. Taking an approach that defies the need for actual research and relies instead on a generous helping of postmodern imagination, libelous implications, and things that couldn't have actually happened, Monica! is a bold satire that mixes D.C. politics with the best and worst characteristics of musical theater, all the while causing us to examine our relationship to scandal and human frailty. At once a galvanizing theater experience and a crap pack of lies, Monica! The Musical is, at the very least, highly entertaining. About the authors: Daniel J. Blau, Tracie Potochnik, and Adam Blau have been working on Monica! The Musical since their first day on god's green earth. Though the seeds for the musical were planted during the unfolding of the scandal, they were given fresh insight when put into the context of more recent national events. Brothers Adam and Daniel live in New York and Los Angeles depending on their moods, while Tracie resides in picturesque Providence, Rhode Island. Daniel works as a story editor on a reality television show, all the while continuing to skewer other TV shows as a critic for Television Without Pity. Adam is a composer for film and theater who has written music for such cult favorites as Call Us Crazy: The Anne Heche Monologues and the feature film Buttleman. Tracie has sold her soul to the non-profit sector and thinks a lot about writing a hit children's book. About P73: Founded in 1997 by Nicole Fix, Liz Jones, Asher Richelli, and Daniel Shiffman, Page Seventy-Three Productions, Inc. is committed to developing and producing the work of emerging playwrights. Since its inception, P73 has helped develop works by, among others, Peter Ackerman, Peter Morris, Julia Jordan, Karen Hartman, Michael Friedman, Micah Schraft, Janet Allard, Jean Randich, Lauren Weedman, Kirsten Greenidge, Peggy Stafford, Shane Rettig, Dan O'Brien, Daniel J. Blau, Adam Blau, Mark Kressel, Tracie Potchnik and Dave Mowers. Works developed by P73 have moved on to productions at New York's Women's Project, Baltimore's Centerstage and San Francisco's Magic Theater. P73 was awarded the Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation for its work on The Unknown by Janet Allard, Shane Rettig, and Jean Randich. In 2003, Page Seventy-Three Productions launched the P73 Playwriting Fellowship, an annual program dedicated to supporting the work of one emerging writer.