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Dear Alumni friends,
Do you sit glazed at the computer when you have to write a project description, a proposal or an announcement about your business or upcoming show?  Would you rather eat worms than confront the manuscript dying of neglect in your computer or desk?  Do you freeze with self-doubt and anxiety when you have to write anything?
Don't despair.  Help cometh.  YOU WRITE IT, I FIX IT!
As some of you know, I'm a playwright and novelist but I also work as a manuscript consultant and free-lance editor.  I have experience and expertise in the editing, critiquing, proofreading, and 'renovation' of books and books-in-progress, proposals of any kind, web site text, advertisements and promotional (or self-promotional) materials, speeches -- even copy for restaurant menus!  When words are your enemy, I am your best friend.
Two recent clients have written even more immodest praise.  (And I can offer additional testimonials, if desired.)
Susan Yankowitz is a terrific and magical writer.  She turned my dross into beautiful, meaningful prose. Also she is to be highly praised for her invaluable contributions to my two plays. 

With endless gratitude, thanks and love,
Judith Keller
I have had the pleasure to work with Susan Yankowitz several times over the last few years and she has always been a tremendous help to me. I am an Architect and much of my business entails writing proposals, writing about my work and generally trying to promote my business through words. In a number of these endeavors, I have hired Susan to create or edit these drafts. She has turned them into clear, succinct and inspiring prose.

I recommend her talents highly.

Barry Holden, A.I.A.
I'd be happy to discuss process and prices with you.  Please feel free to contact me at the email address or cell phone number below.  
Greetings to all and best wishes,
Susan Yankowitz

646 326 5603
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