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Welcome, friends, to the new newsletter.  This newsletter was automatically generated by the website at better, from now on, you can add your own content to the website by clicking on the link above.  If you are receiving this email, you have already registered. Simply click on log in, then "need password?", and create your own password, then click on add event or add article under add content...everything you publish will be published on the website and this newsletter as well under the editor's oversight.

This tool will eventually be open to all member groups, though we are still working on adjusting a few kinks (adding a table of contents, etc.).  If you are interested in using this tool, please email me.

In other news the Dwight Hall - YCC Week of Service will be occurring next week starting Saturday.  Be sure to check out all the events on the following website  If you are planning to come to the Walk in the Park, a similar event will be held on Saturday, but the time and meeting place on Sunday will be 10:15 AM in front of the Yale bookstore.

Finally, the semesterly mandatory Dwight Hall cabinet meeting for group leaders will be occurring tomorrow at Dwight Hall from 7:00 to 8:30!