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The Rev. John G. Magee ’06 Fellowship was established at Dwight Hall in 1987 to maintain the religious roots upon which Dwight Hall was founded.  The Magee Fellow creates opportunities for reflection on the spiritual and moral dimensions of direct service and social action.  The Fellow works closely with the professional staff of Dwight Hall, leaders from the Dwight Hall Cabinet and Student Executive Committee, coordinators of the Social Justice Network, and the Yale Chaplain’s Office through Yale Religious Ministries.  The Magee Fellow will be expected to work in concert with student leaders and staff to promote a culture of action and reflection at Dwight Hall, generate service and justice opportunities for students of faith, foster collaborative efforts between various faith-based and secular student organizations, and nurture the skills and well-being of student leaders. 

The Magee Fellow will serve as an Advisor to the Social Justice Network (SJN) of Dwight Hall at Yale, a coalition of organizations and individuals working for social justice, by helping activists develop the skills necessary to achieve social change.  The Magee Fellow will also support the work of the Interfaith Alliance for Justice, a network for students pursuing social justice in an interfaith context, through advisement of the Religious Outreach Coordinator of the Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee. 


The 2009-2010 Magee Fellowship is a part-time position scheduled for 15 hours per week.  Compensation is $10,000 for the academic year, which begins August 28, 2009 and concludes May 25, 2010.  The Magee Fellow term is one academic year, with an option for a one year renewal at Dwight Hall’s discretion. 


The Magee Fellow reports to the Executive Director of Dwight Hall.  


 Specific Responsibilities: 

Support initiatives of Dwight Hall through active participation in events, 

identification of external resources, and advisement to student leaders; 


Plan and execute forums and workshops for exploration of faith, spirituality, 

service, and justice through trainings, education, and awareness;  


Advise and mentor four (4) student coordinators of the Dwight Hall Social Justice 

Network to support their efforts by: 

    a. providing guidance and identifying resources to support work and 

        initiatives of the Social Justice Network; 

    b. attending weekly or bi-weekly coordinator meetings; 

    c. assisting student coordinators to set goals and measure outcomes; 


Attend professional staff meetings: 

    a. weekly Dwight Hall at Yale staff meetings; 

    b. monthly Yale Religious Ministries meetings; 

    c. Dwight Hall at Yale Board of Directors meetings (September, January, 



Attend Dwight Hall Student Cabinet meetings, including mandatory events for 

groups associated with various Dwight Hall Networks; 


Advise Religious Outreach Coordinator for Student Executive Committee and the 

Interfaith Alliance for Justice; 


Provide support and guidance to member organizations of the Dwight Hall 

Student Cabinet and Dwight Hall networks as requested; 


Host regular office hours and meet with student leaders as requested; 


Applications must be received by Thursday, April 23 and interviews for select 

candidates will be scheduled for April 27 – May 1.  To apply, please submit cover letter, 

resume, and two letters of recommendation via mail, email, or fax to: 


Magee Fellow Search Committee 

Dwight Hall at Yale 

P.O. Box 209008 

New Haven, CT 06520-9008 


This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  

203.432.2425 (fax) 


Please contact the Dwight Hall Main Office at 203.432.2420 with questions.