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 ...and if you're anything like me, you'll be sort of (read: really) relieved when its all over.  Elections for Ward 1 occurs on April 17th.  YCC elections open sometime in the next few hours.  Be sure to stay civically and college-ly engaged and whatnot.

Meanwhile, many many good events coming up in the next few weeks: the Environmental Film Festival, two years in the making, will feature some of the best documentaries, shorts, and full-length features you will have seen in a while.  Check out the website at for more information. 

AIDS Brigades, an initiative dedicated to bringing AIDS awareness to foriegn countries is looking for workers and anyone interested in public health to build a new chapter from the ground up.  This is an exciting opportunity for being involved in an organization from start to finish.

National Student Partnerships, an organization dedicated to combatting homelessness through aiding people in finding employment and more is closing down due to lack of funding from the recent financial crisis.  I've admired everyone who has volunteered in this organization, and it has done some excellent work in combatting chronic homelessness from the roots.  I am very sad to see it go.  

Finally, please check out the articles below for some news on Dwight Hall organizations:

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