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The Workforce Development Executive volunteer opportunity is based in Washington, D.C. and entails working with a variety of nonprofit human resources executives on several initiatives: 

    • Workforce Diversity 
    • Promotion of flexible workplace practices
    • Supporting an initiative to raise awareness of nonprofit careers nationally     


The second series of volunteer opportunities support the Human Spirit Initiative, an effort to research and highlight the history of the nonprofit sector and inspire nonprofit careers.  Volunteer assistance is needed in marketing and communications, fund development, writing and administrative support. 

The Human Spirit Initiative volunteer assignments can be done remotely.  The duties, time commitment, application process and deadlines are described in the attachments.  There is also an opportunity for someone to volunteer for several parts of this initiative to ensure that all the separate pieces come together and that progress is accelerated.   

The Workforce Development Executive and Human Spirit Initiative assignments provide volunteers an opportunity to make a difference, utilize their skills, work with new people and broaden their knowledge of the nonprofit sector. 

The application deadline for these opportunities is Thursday, April 23, 2009.