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Months are usually composed of weeks but this month is especially composed of weeks.  National Public Health Week, Muslim Awareness Week, Week of Service have come and gone...this week is Semana Chicana, which will be focusing on the theme of education for immmigrants and DREAM Act.  In addition, it is Earth Week.  Enjoy your natural surroundings most of all, but check out the hikes, demonstrations, movies (Wall-E on Old Campus!), and more.

There will also be a Dwight Hall Bulldog Days event tomorrow, featuring cookies and delicious food.  On Wednesday, please make sure to come to the Senior Recognition Ceremony in Dwight Hall at 8:00 PM ...and seniors in general, please remember all the good times with Dwight Hall and consider donating to the Dwight Hall Senior Class Gift...

Finally, if you're over here this summer, you have absolutely no excuse to not check out some of the summer volunteering opportnities at DESK and Teen-Senior Connect.  Many of these programs are in severe need of volunteers when school goes out, so if you had time, please consider!

That's all from Dwight Hall.