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The end is near.  Be sure to check out the summer service projects if you are staying in New Haven this summer.
If you’ve ever wanted a signed poster or other memorabilia from Pharrell, Colin Meloy, Gregg Michael “Girl Talk” Gillis, Bobby Gibbs, or the rest of the Spring Fling lineup, this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: YCC and Dwight Hall have teamed up to bring you a silent auction for a series of autographed items by the Spring Fling performers including Pharrell, The Decembrists, Girl Talk, and more!  Look for the auctioning table at Spring Fling, which will be out from 12:00 PM onwards.  Simply walk over and drop your bid in the box.
All proceeds will go to buying much-needed instruments for Co-Op high school, a new school designed for aspiring young artists in New Haven.  That
is all.  Have a nice day.