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Welcome to the Education Network of Dwight Hall at Yale!



 Please visit Dwight Hall's EdNet website for information and resources:


Dwight Hall's Education Network (EdNet) is the umbrella to all member groups that forcus on education.  Having a specific division of Dwight Hall like EdNet enables there to be an energetic, direct, and focused effort to improve education in New Haven.

The goal of EdNet is to make the effort to improve education in New Haven a powerful, cohesive, and productive one.  EdNet does this by supporting each group and promoting communication between groups.  EdNet provides the Suzanne Jovin Education Resource Room,  which is equipped with books and computer resources.  Groups may utilize this room to support their work in the public schools.

EdNet comprises the student coordinator, liaison to the Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee, professional program staff, and a network of Public School Interns (PSIs).  This team makes sure each educational program works effectively for its school.  The team effort does not stop there as EdNet conducts and organizes group training and public speakers to teach and motivate Yale students to mentor and be role models for children in New Haven.

The EdNet coordinator sends weekly e-mails to leaders of each Dwight Hall member group as well as members of the Yale community interested in education.  These e-mails contain information about upcoming events and ways in which one can become involved.