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Hello all!

For those of you receiving this email for the first time, Dwight Hall is the center and umbrella for community service and social justice at Yale.  The D-Holla is the weekly newsletter for Dwight Hall and advertises events and service opportunities.  Pretty much everyone that passes through here has volunteered with us (80 percent) and that means you should too.  Hopefully, you will find it just as immensely rewarding as most of us.  

To learn more about Dwight Hall, come to the Dwight Hall Bazaar on Wednesday, September 9 from 7 PM to 9 PM.  There, you will see more than forty of our community service or social justice groups and get a chance to see some of the earthshaking, mindbending service and advocacy work that students are doing.  More importantly, you'll learn how to get involved.

And finally, if you've got the time and are still reading this note, take a peek at this editorial written by an active member of Dwight Hall.

That's all for now and remember to throw some d's on that holla.