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Its getting cold pretty fast now, but there's nothing to warm the heart up like community service in New Haven.  Or, pancakes for that matter.  Nourish International is restarting their Wednesday night Pancakes for Poverty sale again...and this time they're delivering, too!  Order from the comfort of your own bed and impress your friends.

In other news, be sure to check out the College Environmental Activist Leadership Conference this weekend.  Not only does it have an all-star list of buzzwords in its name, but it also has an all-star list of speakers on a variety of different subjects that have direct bearing on a college campus, from transforming the college dining room (NOFA) to environmental and socially responsible investing (Sostenica and Sustainable Endowments).

Its not too late to get involved in any service program you see fit, from being a paid co-instructor on yearbook design in middle schools to a one-day-a-week committment to tutoring to coordinating an entire education program at a public school.  Take a peek at the myriad info sessions and applications.  

And remember, throw some d's on that holla.