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Legal Outreach prepares urban youth from underserved communities in New York City to compete at high academic levels by using intensive legal and educational programs as tools for fostering vision, developing skills, enhancing confidence, and facilitating the pursuit of higher education. We use law to attract junior high school students to academic programs that inspire and motivate them to strive for academic success. From the 8th through 12th grades, students work after school, on weekends, and during summers to build the skills and confidence they need to achieve their goals.

Time commitment:

Approximately 5 hours/month which breaks down as follows:

  • On months that we have debates (Nov, Jan, Mar, Apr), you will meet with your mentee for approximately 2 hrs at your convenience to help him/her prepare for the debate.  Students will come to your office or another place of your choosing for these meetings.  Then you attend the actual debate (2.5 hrs) to serve as a judge and support your mentee.
  • On months that we do not have debates, we plan a social/cultural event and hope that youll attend to spend time with your mentee (as well as meet the other students and network with the othermentors!).  These events usually take place on a Saturday for 2 hours.
  • We also encourage you to call and see your mentee in between structured Legal Outreach events. 

 Most new mentors will be assigned to students who are high school sophomores.  Although we understand that you will not be able to attend every event and your life/career circumstances may change, we strongly encourage mentors to stay paired with their mentee throughout their high school years (3 years).


 For more information or to schedule a presentation at your office contact Stephanie Shemin Feingold, Director of Legal Education, at (718) 752-0222 Ext. 209 or This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript .   Please feel free to encourage your JD friends and colleagues to become mentors!