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Hello all:

If you're looking for paid jobs, then this is your edition.  Check out the Urban Fellows, a Federal work-study Dwight Hall program that allows students to help reform and work for the city and various organizations and businesses in the city.  Also take a look at the Rossborough Fellowship and the Global Health employment position.

The Dwight Hall Executive Committee will be holding elections soon for the 2010 Calendar Year.  If you have a passion for changing institutions, activism, and community service, please consider running for ExComm!

A fleet of 25 bikes from the Yale Student Environmental Coalition - Yale College Council collaboration will be unveiled at the Freshman BBQ this weekend.  If you would like to use the bikes to get to a school or some other place as a Dwight Hall group, please email me the days and times you would like to have a bike.

Finally, the attention around education reform has been increasing every day.  If you're interested in social inequity, the wealth gap, charter schools, America's competitveness, moral decay, kids (really, what doesn't fit into education reform?) consider getting involved in some capacity with education awareness and reform.  Check out the following articles for a refresher on what's going on in New Haven, especially the last one hot off the presses (or my computer screen):

3-tiered school reform comes into focus

Parents group wants in on school reform plan

Renewed focus on public education in New Haven

Teachers' pact spotlights school reforms