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One-on-One Conversations is sponsored by the Office of International Students and Scholars at Yale. The program matches international students, scholars and their spouses/partners with volunteers from the New Haven and Yale communities for language and culture exchange. The time commitment is minimal and for the participants of this program the possible benefits include:

  • Sharing your culture with others
  • Expanding your understanding of people, the world and cross-cultural communication
  • Practicing teaching skills
  • Offering friendship across cultures
  • Language exchange: practice a second language with a native speaker

Meetings are scheduled for one hour per week at any mutually agreed upon on or off campus location. Minimum commitment is four weeks, with the aim to continue for at least one semester (12 weeks). The topic and format of the meetings is up to the participants. Most often, participants engage in informal conversation; however guidelines and suggestions for topics if desired are available through the OISS. Meetings are usually conducted in English and no knowledge of a second language is required or even necessary.

To volunteer as an English Conversation Partner, please register online at:

For more information, please contact Amanda Eckler at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript or 432-2305.