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As promised in the title, here is some information in a numbered list.  I hope that it will not be confused with the table of contents, which appears to the right-hand site of this column.

1.  Dwight Hall ExComm applications are due this Sunday.  If you think Dwight Hall can get better and do more, you should consider running.  Email me for an application.

2.  Bikes: being involved in Dwight Hall has its perks.  If you need to use Dwight Hall bikes to get to schools/meetings off-campus, we will waive any fees that you have to pay to register for the bike-sharing program.  You are also weclome to reserve the bikes.  If you are eligible, please email me your name, when you would like to reserve bikes, the name of your group, and the name of your group's coordinator.

3.  Urban fellows: if you're looking for a job in which you can get paid (federal work study) AND make a difference in the city, this is your thing.

4.  Take a look at the chock-full of fellowships and post-graduation opportunities available, including a Teach for America info session occurring TODAY!

5. An update on Education Reform: New Haven is making national headlines: because of the new contract that just passed: