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Hello all,

First, be sure to check out two big speakers/panels on campus this week. Amnesty International is hosting Dr. Robert Hayden, an expert on the former Yuglosavia.  Hayden will be talking about the purpose of war crimes trials in human rights.

Secondly, take a look at the Responsible Endowment Project's presentation and speakers on the ethical oversight of the Yale Endowment, particularly its relationship with the Advisory Committee on Investor Relations.  REP has been working with the ACIR and the University over the past year to see how ethical investment standards can be adopted in the investment.  The Report Card on Yale Sustainability got A's or B's in nearly every category for years in nearly every category, except for its investment which got an F.

Moreover, Relay for Life may be happening months from now, but its never too early to sign up...especially now that TWO FREE TICKETS TO THE PATRIOTS VS. PANTHERS GAME IS NOW AT STAKE!!!!11 

Congratulations, also, to the new 2010 ExComm.  After a grueling election process involving all of Dwight Hall cabinet, the new officers taking for 2010 are:

Co-coordinators: Thomas Meyer and Jill Hagey

Publicity Coordinator: Joseph Breen

Treasury Coordinator: Robin Tang

Membership Coordinator: Brandee Blocker

New Membership Coordinator: Eric Schild

General Service Coordinator (at-large): Alexandra Brodsky

Campus Campaign Coordinator (at-large): Charles Zhu

PHC Liaison: Elena Hoffnagle

EdNet Liaison: Kayla Vinson

Social Justice Network Liaison: Alexis Mitchell

Finally, check out this article on New Haven education reform in the Washington Post: