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Our Vision
The School for Field Studies envisions a world where people participate in the responsible, sustainable stewardship of our environment and share a commitment to actions that promote the well-being of the natural world and human communities.

Our Mission
With almost three decades of environmental work behind us, The School for Field Studies is known today as a leader in field-based international education. SFS alumni, now more than 13,000 strong, are making valuable contributions in a multitude of professions throughout the world. The mission of SFS is to deepen students' understanding of the relationships among environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic development. Committed to community reciprocity and guided by the principles of sustainable development, SFS employs a dynamic academic and research model that:
-Educates students about the complexity of local development and conservation issues through field-based teaching, scientific research and training;
-Creates a rich mosaic of research questions centered on supporting functional ecosystems while balancing the needs of human communities;
-Empowers local communities and decision makers to address their sustainable development challenges through applied research that informs local decision making; and
-Contributes to the scientific community through the dissemination of research, including peer-reviewed publications and professional meetings.