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Congrats! You're one step closer to participating in a unique 9-week experience for motivated undergraduates and recent graduates to:


·        Lead an internship of your peers,


·        Take on a position of immediate leadership in one of the top non-profit organizations in the nation,


·        Learn about the non-profit sector, theatre, and youth development, and


·        Change the ways our country relates to inner-city communities, young people, and families living in poverty.

The All Stars Project, Inc. ( is currently seeking one natural and skilled leader to be trained in our community organizing model and then to lead a pilot internship program in New Jersey. This is a competitive and unique position for a highly qualified college/graduate student or recent grad to lead a program of peers, who together will support a grassroots, citywide organizing campaign to expand innovative inner-city youth development programs that enrich the lives of thousands of inner-city youth each year.  


There are THREE MAIN COMPONENTS to this internship:


·        Train in the All Stars' hallmark street-tabling approach to community organizing with some of the most successful community organizers and grassroots fundraisers in the country, learn the performance-based fundraising model employed by the All Stars, and acquire the skills necessary to teach this model to the summer interns who Associates will be leading.


·        Manage a team of 4-6 interns in the team's fundraising efforts in outdoor locations three days per week, organize and attend seminars and meetings with key businesspeople, philanthropists, and supporters of the All Stars Project community, and conceptualize and lead group projects for their team of interns.


·        Take advantage of supplemental activities and events at the All Stars. Learn more about specific departments within our non-profit: whether you're interested in marketing, the office of the president, or volunteering in our youth programs, there will be volunteer opportunities to learn how these departments function. Our center also has four theaters, so you will be able to see in-house youth productions as well as attend shows of our off-off-Broadway, avant-garde political theater. There will also be opportunities to volunteer and watch the young people of our programs perform in talent shows in inner-city neighborhoods.

Program Dates: June 1-July 30, 2010; Monday-Thursday; 9:30-5:30 pm. Includes a $250/wk paid stipend.  

Primary Responsibilities:     Lead a team of 4-6 interns and manage the activities and programs they participate in     Direct a team's face-to-face fundraising in outdoor locations throughout the city     Build and organize projects designed to expand the structure of our fundraising operation, enhance donor relations, and creatively publicize our programs     Help organize and participate in a weekly seminar on topics including: community organizing, non-profit management, youth development, theatre, volunteerism and arts administration     Meet with non-profit leaders, corporate executives, and donors who will discuss their involvement with the All Stars and their roles in philanthropy




    Natural, personable, and effective leadership     Enthusiasm for public speaking, both with peers and the strangers     Ability to adopt a script and learn how to 'perform' and teach it     Ability to lead a team within a multi-cultural setting     Commitment to grassroots activism to affect social change     Passion for supporting the social and cultural development of inner-city youth  

Are you a leader? Are you ready to be challenged, and to grow as a community organizer and manager of other youth activists, while working closely with leaders in the field? Do you want to make significant and tangible change in poor communities? Then this program is for you!

To Apply

For a complete program description and links to online applications, please visit our GOAL Internship website at Also check out the 2009 GOAL YouTube video created by last year's interns at!

Complete an application ( and email a cover letter and resume to Katie Harrington at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript . Applications and resumes should be received by Sunday, February 28, 2010. Decisions are made on a rolling basis. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact:


Katie Harrington


Summer Internship Program Manager


(212) 356-8424

This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript