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Red Cross will be having a *makeup blood drive on March 4,* for any donors who  wanted to but did not get a chance to donate during the Harvard-Yale challenge, and anyone else who is interested in donating. Keep in mind that this may may still technically count as part of the Yale-Harvard challenge,
so we still have a fighting chance at beating Harvard (and saving lives, of course). We will still be raffling off many awesome prizes to donors on the makeup day, including:

2 $5 Ashley's card
3 $10 G-Heav cards
1 free yorkside pizza
1 $50 iTunes card
1 $25 Ivy Noodle card

*To sign up for the make up drive on March 4, at the Yale Rep Theater,
please go to to make an appointment.*

Additionally, Free tickets to see Who's Bad: The Utimate Michael jackson
Tribute band on April 29 at Toad's are available to everyone who
donated, attempted to donate, volunteered, or helped out in some other
way. To get a pair of tickets, please go to WLH 014 between 9-12 pm on
Monday 2-22-10. These will also be available at the makeup drive.