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REMEDY, or Recovered Medical Equipments for the Developing World, is a group of health care professionals and volunteers promoting the nationwide practice of recovery of exposed-but-unused surgical supplies. The end goal of our mission is to provide international medical relief while reducing solid medical waste from US hospitals. In the United States, medical supplies and equipments prepared but not used during a medical procedure are discarded because they are considered "un-sterile" even if there has been no contact at all with the patient. However, in the developing world, these supplies are desperately needed. First started in Yale-New Haven Hospital in 1991 by Dr. William H. Rosenblatt of Yale School of Medicine, REMEDY has expanded to hundreds of hospitals across the country. This year alone, REMEDY at Yale-New Haven Hospital recovered and donated tons of equipments for Haiti earthquake relief. REMEDY has enjoyed dedicated volunteers from Yale College. Now we are looking to recruit more responsible Yalies who are interested in contributing to our mission and volunteer with REMEDY in summer and/or academic year. As a REMEDY volunteer, your duty involves sorting recovered medical supplies in Yale-New Haven Hospital. The time commitment is about thirty minutes per week. Volunteering with REMEDY is also a great opportunity for pre-medical students to learn about different medical equipments. There will also be semesterly volunteer dinners organized by the incredibly amicable Dr. Rosenblatt and other fun activities. If you are interested in joining REMEDY, please contact Tony Su ( This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript ). You may find more about REMEDY from