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Global Mass Message Sending Software

Professional GSM based mobile phone bulk messaging software specially designed to send text message from PC to other mobile phone without using internet gateway. Group SMS sending tool broadcasts messages to volume of people in short time.


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Bulk SMS sending software creates and sends personalized or business message to your customer, clients, employees, friends and colleagues residing anywhere in the world. Highly advance mass text messaging utility broadcasts short or group sms from your PC to other mobile phone via using GSM based cell phone.

Group messaging software broadcasts personalized sms (including family members, friends, relatives) business sms, news alerts, job notification, promotional campaign, invitations, seasonal greetings to all national or international mobile phone networks. Software supports all your major GSM based mobile phone brands including Nokia (N and E series), Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HP, Motorola, Panasonic and other popular cell phones brands.

Powerful bulk text messaging software expert in sending group sms from your PC to multiple recipients phone numbers with commonly using GSM based mobile phones. Mass SMS broadcasting utility allows marketers to easily promote their business by providing most efficient way to execute a well targeted marketing campaign. Software empowers enterprises to quickly tap new clients and reach thousands of customers, suppliers and employees located globally.

Nokia GSM based mobile phone bulk message sending software capable to send text sms at national or international mobile networks without using internet connection. Utility provides fastest way to communicate with your business clients, vendors, customers, company partners, employees, family members, friends etc in just few easy clicks.

Some Important Features:-

* Easy to install bulk messaging software broadcasts personalized or business text message from PC to other cell phones with in short span of time.

* GSM based mobile phone group message sending software provides most convenient and economical way to communicate with larger audience.

* Fastest mass messaging utility imports phone numbers list from text/excel file format saved in your computer or mobile phone memory.

* Group messaging software sends notification text message as well as standard SMS to any mobile phone networks.

* Software has advance option to skip duplicate number entries and sends SMS using delayed delivery options for minimizing message broadcasting load.

About Author:-

We one of the growing organizations develops creative, innovative, user friendly and easy to use software with a sincere focus on our clients. Our vision is to become a world class software development company that facilitate different users and companies to enhance their business performance. Every day best of our prudent professionals try their level best to satisfy various user needs emerging in many application areas from small shop to large firms. Customer oriented best selling tools are widely used in various application areas including Data recovery, Database converter, Mobile forensics, Employee management, Accounting software etc.

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Company Name: - Data Recovery Software

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