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Applications due Wednesday, October 6 at MIDNIGHT

Interested in social justice and working with other socially conscious students? Like hearing about cool projects social justice groups are working on? Want experience in communicating to social justice minded people or organizing skill-building workshops for a network under the Dwight Hall umbrella?

You might want to apply to be our new SJN Communications Director! As an Communications director, you will manage and SJNs online presence while keeping SJN members up to date with upcoming events and opportunities. Or you might want to apply to be our new SJN Resources Coordinator! As Resources Coordinator, you will oversee the resources in the SJN room and organize SJN training workshops.

***Both positions are for the full year, receive stipends, and share other SJN coordinator responsibilities. ***

See the attached application or feel free to email us at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript   for more information!