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DMF - India (Developmental Medical Foundation) consists of a handful of Indian physicians who, despite little funding and organizational structure, are drawing on their professional networks to carry out low-cost, small-scale interventions in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Yale students could fill a crucial void for DMF - a nascent NGO where vital organizational support functions - strategy, research, M&E, publicity, development, etc. - are lacking. Meanwhile, students would get valuable exposure to the day-to-day operations of a global health NGO.

If you're interested in getting involved in our DMF campus chapter, read below and see Contact This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript for more information.

What is DMF?

Rather than focus on a specific disease area or package of interventions, the aim is to develop projects that
Fill a specific unmet need
Develop innovative, low-cost models of service delivery

This model has been piloted in the form of two projects thus far: 1) A diabetes self-management education program (SuGhar) 2) an urban immunization project (TIKA).

How can I get involved?

Here are a few examples of how our chapter might get involved:

* Refine DMF mission statement and promotional literature
* Generate and discuss ideas for new initiatives and research best practices
* Develop M&E plans for DMF projects, analyze data collected by program staff
* Travel to Andhra Pradesh in the summer to manage initial phase of new projects.
* Coordinate fundraising activities and grant proposals
* Recruit professional-level volunteers (i.e.,
* Manage incorporation of 501c3 status