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Hi Dwight Hall!

The YHHAP Shelter Now Campaign is kicking-off in 3 days at the Sleepout on Saturday and will continue with a series of events including the YHHAP FAST on Thursday, October 21st, Family Weekend Professor Lunches and more!

Shelter Now is a fundraising campaign of the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project, supporting winter shelters in New Haven. The campaign began in October 2008, when the Cedar St. Overflow Shelter was almost entirely cut from the City budget. Its closure would have forced up to 125 men into freezing temperatures on the streets of our city. Over the next two months, Shelter Now worked with advocates and non-profits throughout the New Haven area, and successfully kept the shelter open. Because the budget crisis continues in New Haven, the Shelter Now campaign continues as well. This year, YHHAP hopes to raise $25,000 to alleviate severe cuts to women's and children's shelters: Life Haven and New Haven Home Recovery.

Please consider showing your support at one of YHHAPs upcoming events. See below for more information!

Also, TONIGHT Blue State Coffee is hosting an event with a bunch of neat New Haven non-profits. You can stop by for free coffee, cupcakes and community service!

Hope all is well,