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Hi Diwght Hall!

ExComm Application Information

ExComm brings together students with experience in a wide range of service and advocacy projects to promote the progress of Dwight Hall and public service work at Yale. The function of ExComm is to serve the Cabinet and work with Staff, Board of Directors, institutional programs and community partners to carry out the mission of the organization and initiate programs for the Yale, New Haven, and global community.

ExComm works to (1) deliver to the Cabinet resources services that facilitate their public service and social justice work, (2) build community within the Cabinet, (3) collect information on and respond to the efforts of and challenges facing Cabinet members, (4) ensure that Cabinet members fulfill their regular responsibilities to the Hall, and (5) develop and carry out the long-term vision of the Hall.

We hope you will consider joining this exciting team! The "Old" ExComm will be having an information session about our roles in running Dwight Hall on Wednesday, October 27th at 9:00pm. We encourage all students interested in applying to attend this session. We will discuss what it's like to run a non-profit (Dwight Hall is a student-run institution), as well as what each position entails.

From there, applicants have a week to meet with current ExCommers holding their positions of interest (mandatory, but we are very flexible in our meeting availablility), fill out their applications, and submit them to This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  and This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  by 11:59 PM on Thursday, November 4th.

Elections will be held during our cabinet meeting on Tuesday, November 9th at 7:00pm. Candidates must attend in order to give their speeches and be available for questions from Cabinet members.

Again, please consider applying for one of the positions, or pass on the application to other members of your groups.


Thanks again, and have a wonderful week!
Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee 2010
Jill, Thomas, Brandee, Joe, Erica, Robin, Kayla, Elena, Alexis, Charles, and Alexandra