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Hi Dwight Hall!

Thank you to those of you who came out to the Cabinet meeting last night! We voted in three new member groups: Bookmarks, Fierce Advocates and Musical Cure.

The 2010 Dwight Hall Excomm announced its plans to update the old by-laws, revise the member group inventory, redo the website and restructure ExComm-membership relations. 

We also had a night of elections, and I'm excited to announce the 2011 Dwight Hall Executive Committee:


Co-Coordinators: Joseph Breen and Alexandra Brodsky

New Membership Coordinator: Nico Barawid

Finance Coordinator: Aaron Feuer

Public Relations Coordinator: Jennifer Friedmann

Education Network Liaison: Liane Membis

Social Justice Network Liaison: Alexis Mitchell

Development Coordinator At-Large: Aaron Podolny

Public Health Coalition Liaison: Willi Rechler

Institutional Service Coordinator: Jensen Reckhow

Membership Coordinator: Gabriel Zucker




Until next semester the 2010 ExComm will still be working hard for you, so please continue to give us feedback.

Also, check out some of the opportunities below - especially some of the great social justice talks this week!

Hope all is well,