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Tired of lugging those heavy textbooks home after every semester?  Don't know what to do with all those course packets on your bookshelves?  Donate your unwanted textbooks and course packets to the YHHAP-YCC Book Exchange!

What it is:
The YHHAP Book Exchange is a new joint initiative between the YCC and YHHAP aiming to help make textbooks more affordable for Yalie and to raise money for New Haven Shelters and charities.

How you can donate:
During exam week from Saturday, December 11th to Wednesday, December 15th and at the beginning of next semester, volunteers will from a number of on-campus organizations (the YCC, the FCC, the SCC, the JCC, YHHAP, STEP, and YSEC) will be tabling outside of dining halls during dinner to accept textbook donations. There will also be unmanned donation boxes placed in each college and placed outside some large lectures.

How the program works:

During shopping week, the volunteer team will set up a book store in which students can buy used books. Most donated books will be sold next Fall semester, though a limited amount will be sold this Spring semester. These textbooks will be offered to students at 50% off bookstore and TYCO new book prices. Anyone who donates receives an additional 25% off for each book donated.

Where the money raised from this project goes:

All proceeds from this project will go towards supporting New Haven shelters and charities.  

The more Yalies donate, the more Yalies save and the more we can give back to the New Haven community. If you'd like to find out more about the project, check out our fliers in the dining halls or talk to a volunteers you'll see tabling of the dining halls.