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Hi Dwight Hall!

Hope that your reading weeks are going well! We have some phenomenal events in this last week, many of which are TODAY so please check them out!

Your checklist for holiday-related service:
1.    Habitat for Humanity Gingerbread House Decorating Fundraiser TODAY!
2.    Before you leave, donate your extra clothes to the No Freeze Clothing Drive!
3.    Dont throw away that textbook! Donate it to the Book Exchange!

But if youd rather think about warm weather and spring or summer breaks, we already have some spring/summer opportunities listed below. Peru! Bosnia! New Haven! I can personally vouch for the Spring Break in New Haven program its the best way to get to know your city!

This is the last D-Holla of the semester! Thank you to those of you who have submitted events, looked through this newsletter, and to those of you who replied every once in a while (looking at you Marina Keegan and Diana Saverin). I hope that it has been helpful! If you ever have a question about service or social justice at Yale or in New Haven, please dont hesitate to D-HOLLA AT YOUR BOY.

Dwight Hall Love,