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business school blueprint

Business School Blueprint Webinars

Featuring the First Annual MBA Night


Started early, done right: that's your business school application in 2011 when you start in January. Business School Blueprint 2011 is a five-day FREE program from Kaplan GMAT that will address the key questions the MBA whether its right for you, what programs you should target, and how to get in. The competition is stiffer than ever, but by starting in January, you can assemble an optimal, standout application.

The first four meetings of the program will meet live online in Kaplans Anywhere Classroom. MBA Night will take place at La Pomme on January 27, details below.

Pre-register for all or any of these events by clicking on this link:

Business School Why and Where to Go (live online, Sunday 1/23 9PM ET)
In this seminar, we'll kick off the program and address the following topics: the traditional (and less traditional) reasons to pursue the degree; full-time vs. part-time vs. EMBA; the ROI and financing of an MBA; the elements of the application; assessing your competitiveness as a candidate; and how to identify your target schools. 
The Perfect B School Application (live online, Monday 1/24 9PM ET)
Your application is a balanced portfolio of academic and work experience, your GMAT score, application essays, recommendations, and your networking and research. This session will lay out a step-by-step plan to prepare each part in the coming months. Youll walk away with a concrete timeline that you can import into your calendar of choice. 
Assessing (and Improving) your Resume (live online, Tuesday 1/25 9PM ET)
Some parts of your application can be changed and some cant. Your resume both the document itself and the experience it reflects cant be changed overnight, but its not set in stone. Youll walk away from this session with an improved resume and an idea of areas that need to be addressed and how.

100 Hours: a GMAT Study Plan (live online, Wednesday 1/26 9PM ET)
The average 600+ and 700+ scorer prepares 100 hours for the GMAT. So, at 2 hours per day, you should plan for 2 to 3 months of preparation for the test. In this seminar, we'll introduce the test and you'll walk away with a specific outline for GMAT preparation and links to various resources. 

First Annual MBA Night, Thursday 1/27 6:30 PM 8:30 PM 
La Pomme, 37 W. 26th St (between Broadway & 6th)
The First Annual MBA Night will be an opportunity for you to meet informally with alumni of MBA programs (Cornell, Stern, Kellog, Sloan, Darden, Ross, Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, and many more). Youll get a feel for different programs, get your questions answered, and start building what business school is known for a strong network with whom you can have a great time.