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Register for the Student Global AIDS Campaign Jan 28-30 in Boston!

Looking for a way to put your passion for fighting global AIDS into action?

Come together with leaders from SGAC chapters on January 28th-Jan 30th at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA to devise a plan that ensures that our President and Congressmembers scale up the fight
against global AIDS. The conference will provide a brief introduction to current key players in the global AIDS response as well as an overview of SGAC campaign goals and how you can be a part of the
national network of SGAC chapters working to reach them. We will focus on campus-based organizing and prepare to hit the ground running by planning actions that will take place across the country through the
Spring and Fall semesters. The intent of the conference is to bolster capacity for SGAC chapters and affiliates who are ready to hold our leaders' feet to the fire. So, are you in?