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Intern with New Haven/Leon Sister City Project (NH/LSCP) in Nicaragua and/or New Haven.  Students interested in their current projects are encouraged to apply. Their projects are

Support sugar cane workers:  The NH/LSCP is organizing support for sugar cane workers and communities in Goyena and Chichigalpa  negatively affected by the Nicaragua Sugar Estates, Ltd (NSEL), a large corporation producing sugar and ethanol.   NSEL is violating clear labor and environmental standards with the support of US-based funds with numerous often unseen - victims. Over 1500 sugar cane workers have died died from an epidemic of chronic renal insufficiency.many believe is related to the harsh working conditions and chemical used in cane production. More information at:

Help local community reach Millenium Development Goals - work with rural community of Goyena and NH/LSCP to reach food security goals related to MDG's. Need to research present situation, work with community leaders/NHLSCP staff to develop options, seek needed resources..

For more information on these Internships (or other areas of interest) please contact Chris Schweitzer ( This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  or 203 562 1607) or see