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Yale Amnesty International presents: an International Human Rights Film Festival! See films and documentaries from Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone,Burma, and the US on a variety of issues including human rights activism, post-conflict justice, and combating prejudice and hate crimes. The schedule: 

No More Tears Sister (Sri Lanka):   Thursday, Feb 3., 4.00 PM, WLH 119
War Don Don (Sierra Leone): Thursday, Feb 3., 7.00 PM, WLH 119
Divided We Fall (US): Friday, Feb 4., 4.00 PM, WLH 119
Out in the Silence (US): Saturday, Feb 5., 4.00 PM, WLH 116
Burma VJ (Burma): Saturday Feb 5., 7.00 PM, WLH 119 **Thai food will be available at this screening!  For more information, contact This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript