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The School of Public Healths inaugural global health film festival debuts this April with eight documentaries that feature strong global health themes.

Admission to all of the films is free and open to the public. The April 7-9 lineup includes:

Thursday, April 7th

"The Other City"

When: 4-6 PM

Where: LC 101 - Refreshments Provided 

Friday, April 8th

"Red Dust," "The Warriors of Qiugang" (2011 Oscar Nominee)," "The Lazarus Effect"    

When: 3-5pm     

Where: LC 101    

"A Walk to Beautiful"     

When: 6-8:30pm     

Where: LC 101  Refreshments Provided    

Saturday, April 9th

"Into Eternity"

When: 3-5pm      

Where: WLH 100 Wall St.

"Living In Emergency"

When: 7-10pm     

Where: LC 211 - Refreshments Provided