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 Do something meaningful this spring break and intern with ActualFood. 

ActualFood is a local start-up focused on developing an innovative food-delivery system to end food deserts in New Haven and across the U.S. We are looking to host several interns over this spring break.


Whether you are the crunchy-granola type, the socially aware-save the world type, the business-oriented-bottom-line type, or a combination of the three, a spring break internship with New Haven start-up, ActualFood is for you.


Do things like:

·      Liaise with local farms as a small  farm ambassador

·      Reach out to local non-profits

·      Develop marketing campaigns and strategy

·      Market research

·      Electrical Engineering

·      Computer Programming


But fear not, this internship will still allow you the flexibility to catch up on work, relax, and actually enjoy your spring break, while still gaining invaluable management, development, and financial experience. The hours and days are flexible. 


There are opportunities for leadership. Present your ideas to company executives and CEO.


Work on or off campus.


Make this spring break count.


Want to apply?


Send your resume to  This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript