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My name is Kaitlyn Newell, and I am the Campus Recruiter for the Breakthrough Collaborative at Yale.  The Breakthrough National Teaching Internship is a wonderful opportunity for high school and college students to make a difference.   We strive to make college a reality, to inspire a love of learning and to teach the skills and knowledge necessary for academic success.  

For 8 weeks, high school and college students commit to teaching high-potential low-income students.

* There are 33 sites across the nation and in Hong Kong at which you can teach and change students' lives.

The base stipend for college teachers is $1,000.  However, the range for living-expenses stipends over an eight-week period varies depending on financial need. 
Most sites offer housing for out-of-town teachers.
* Breakthrough Teacher Alumni are offered positions at TFA at triple the rate of the national applicant pool. This is ideal preparation for TFA but also for any leadership opportunity in the world of social change.  

 Our application deadline is March 7, 2011.  However, admissions are rolling, and some sites will complete most of their selections before the deadline!  The application can be accessed at