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 Hey Dwight Hall -


There's a couple of things to take note of this week. The Reblaw & Human Rights in Academia Conferences are coming up - sign up links are below. You have a couple of chances to do some quick advocacy work by discussing antiwar strategy at the People's Center or by picketing with the New Haven Worker's Association. Remember to submit your own advocacy actions to Advocacy Minute! The Public Health Film Festival and Global Health Incubator Workshop are coming up soon in March. There are still a few summer & spring break options - check out Spring Break in New Haven, and applications for Harvest leaders are due by Friday.  If you're looking for a moment of service this week, be sure to join Habitat for Humanity in a build this Saturday! Finally, be sure to take the Magee Fellows up on their offer for lunch - they're wonderful folks who know a lot about Dwight Hall.


Have a great week,

Jennifer Friedmann

Dwight Hall PR Coordinator