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Hey Dwight Hall!


Before you depart for your various reach out trips/a cappella tours/weeks of eating home-cooked food, be sure to check out the events coming up in the next few weeks. This week's D-Holla features a lot of ways to get involved with Dwight Hall as an institution, as well as some things to start thinking about that come up right after break (YHHAP Fast, anyone?).


For Dwight Hall groups and members, a few reminders:

First, the Loving Kindness Fund is up and running! As a reminder, the Loving Kindness Fund serves to enable Dwight Hall member groups and individual Dwight Hall volunteers to engage in small-scale outings with project participants and enhance existing Dwight Hall projects through small acts of kindness. Applications (available here) are accepted on a rolling basis through 4/1/11. Talk to our financial coordinator, Aaron Feuer, for details!

Second, Cabinet Meeting is coming up! The semesterly Student Cabinet Meeting, which will occur at 7pm on Tuesday, March 22 in the Dwight Hall Common Room, is one of two opportunities each year for the leaders of member groups to come together to exercise their power as voting members. Excomm will also use this opportunity to inform you about some recent developments in our efforts to better support member groups. This meeting is mandatory for all Dwight Hall Member Groups, so see you there!

Third, if you're a freshman or sophomore and want to get more involved in Dwight Hall, apply to be on the Board of Advisors! More information is available here


Have a wonderful, restful break, and I'll see you in the spring!

-Jennifer Friedmann

Dwight Hall PR Coordinator