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Call for Proposals: Impact: Global Poverty

Academics Stand Against Poverty Launch Conference at Yale (April 23rd, 11am-6pm)

We invite you to submit your proposal for a project aimed at reducing world poverty.

Selected proposals will receive a slot in the upcoming conference and be carried out with the support of the Academics Stand Against Poverty network and organization.


Background: Academics Stand Against Poverty, or ASAP, is a new organization in which academics collaborate in order to have a greater impact on issues of global poverty. Its aim is to help academics leverage their expertise on such issues by making effective interventions in public debates, by supporting good work by international agencies and non-governmental organizations, and by launching real-world projects aimed at realizing positive change. For more information go to:

The conference: On April 23rd we will hold our launch conference at Yale University. In the conference we will present two ongoing projects, "Health Impact Fund" and "Climate Voices", and discuss selected proposals for new ASAP projects. The discussion will be led by a panel of leading academic activists who will pass their experience and insight to the new ASAP project leaders.

Call for proposals: This is an open call for contributions of up to 1,500 words outlining a project proposal that academics might initiate with good prospects of reducing world poverty. Your project proposal should clearly describe the real-world change the project aims for and the effects this change would have on global poverty. It should also describe the academic and political efforts through which a suitably composed group of academics could achieve the envisioned change.

 All proposals are due by April 7th.

Becoming an ASAP project means benefitting from the support of the international ASAP  network, having a page on the website and being able to raise funds through our non-profit organization.

All those, including faculty, graduate or undergraduate students, working on aspects of global poverty, global justice and related issues are invited to submit proposals and attend the meeting. You need not submit a proposal to attend, and broad participation will be encouraged

To submit a draft proposal, or if you have any questions, please contact: Gilad Tanay (Yale University, Philosophy Department)   This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript


Examples of proposals or efforts underway:

1.      Giving What We Can (Toby Ord, Oxford University):

2.      Clean Trade in Natural Resources (Leif Wenar, Kings College, London)

3.      Health Impact Fund (Thomas Pogge, Yale University)