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The Yale Sight Savers Program (YSSP) is a collaboration between the faculty and students of Yale College, the Yale School of Medicine and the Yale Medical Group, united by the common goal of reducing the burden of glaucoma-related vision loss in the community. With generous funding and logistical support provided by the Yale Department of Ophthalmology and the Friends of the Congressional Glaucoma Caucus Foundation, we have been organizing and conducting vision screenings since 2005, catering specifically to the at-risk and underserved populations of New Haven and Fairfield Counties. This year, Yale Sight Savers Program is pursuing many exciting new initiatives that bring together undergraduates, medical students and ophthalmology residents to work together towards making a tangible impact on the vision health of the residents living in our local communities.


The underserved communities which we are dedicated to serve experience serious barriers to care and are often disenfranchised from the health care system. YSSP is dedicated to creating cost-effective, community-based approaches to connect the underserved community members with the health care system through medical service, education, advocacy, and research. Our ultimate aim is to reduce patient barriers to care and improve patient adherence to treatment.



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