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  The Village Education Project 2011 Summer Volunteer Program
Teach in Ecuador this Summer. Help Fund a Student's High School Education.

The Village Education Project Summer Volunteer Program is seeking 
motivated college students to teach in rural Ecuador this summer. 
Volunteers teach underprivileged seventh graders who cannot afford to 
attend high school and who come from impoverished primary schools unable 
to provide adequate preparation. Using a curriculum designed by 
Ecuadorian teachers and principals and American education students and 
professors, volunteers are tasked with helping the seventh grade 
students get up to grade level. Those who pass the high school entrance 
exam at the end of the summer will receive a full scholarship from The 
Village Education Project, including the cost of all school supplies.

All fees paid by volunteers will be used to fund these scholarships, so 
participation not only helps kids learn, but provides the financial 
means to send the kids from the summer program to high school that year. 
Almost every student sponsored by The Village Education Project is the 
first in their family to attend high school due to the high cost--about 
$200 per year--of secondary education in Ecuador. Our past volunteers 
have come from colleges all over the country including Swarthmore, UNC 
Chapel Hill, Dartmouth Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Yale, Duke, Oxford, 
Amherst, Williams, and many others.

The Summer 2011 program lasts from June 19th till August 5th and the
exact program dates are flexible according to applicant's schedule.

For details on the program; pictures, videos and narratives from past 
volunteers; costs; and an official application,  please visit the 
Volunteer section of our website linked here. []

If you have any questions, please email us at  This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript

We hope to see you in Ecuador!