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 Pathways for Mutual Respect, a New Haven-based nonprofit, is accepting applications for our third annual Summer Institute, cosponsored by the Yale Center for Faith & Culture. The Pathways Summer Institute is a professional and academic development institute which infuses relevant scholarship with hands-on leadership training. The unique curriculum is designed to equip young leaders, scholars, and educators for effective intercultural communication involving Muslim communities and to catalyze peacebuilding activities within their home communities.  The 2011 Summer Institute, entitled Islam & Intercultural Collaboration: Leadership Amidst Controversy, will focus on engaging today's cultural and religious climates, including the current discourse surrounding Islam in America, in ways that are uniquely and strategically characterized by active listening, patient interaction, and effective leadership.  

If you are a passionate learner eager to engage more effectively in intercultural relations, if you have a demonstrated commitment to providing leadership to peacebuilding work in complex situations, if you are determined to develop skills crucial to mitigating the most intractable conflicts, then you are the kind of person who should consider applying for the 2011 Pathways Summer Institute.  Please note that Fellowship and Scholarship Applications are due by Thursday, March 31st.


Details, including costs, session dates, financial assistance, topics to be covered, lecturers bios, and more may be found on our website  Have questions about the application process or the institute itself?  Contact Jennifer Hartley at  This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  or203-737-0841.