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Hey Dwight Hall!

April 1 marks the beginning of Public Health week. Over the next 10 days, campus will be filled with talks, luncheons, films, service opportunities, and more to spread awareness of public health matters. Don't miss the kick-off concert this Friday at 7 in Dwight Hall!

Meanwhile, there are still other events going on. TODAY, there's a conversation in the Law School with John Prendergast about the future of Sudan, a conversation about sustainable seafood with Barton Seaver, and some awesome films & discussions as part of the Environmental Film Festival. There's a luncheon tomorrow on starting your own non-profit with Pathways for Mutual Respect. Saturday marks the Human Rights in Academia Conference as well as the Powderpuff tournament. Don't forget to submit your "Impact: Global Poverty" proposals, or register to participate in FOCUS!

As a final note, if you haven't signed up for the YHHAP Fast, do so now! (Go to SIS and click on the Dining tab.)

Feel free to email me with your questions and events!


Jennifer Friedmann

Dwight Hall PR Coordinator